Suck your lips together like a dis 😗 pursing as such. Fix or fasten up to your mouth a candy wrapper or a blade of grass – pulling tightly, nice and taut, on both ends – pucker and blow. You’ll be whistling in an instant. Or wear a set of Invisalign braces and pronounce any word with an S sound and you’ll get a similar effect, effortlessly.

“Don’t step backward toward nothing, step forward toward something, better awkward steps forward, than coward steps backward.” ~ Victoria Addino

Thoughts, Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

~ Moving Walkways …

I love observing all the action on the moving sidewalks at the airport.

I pick the closest seat nearest the end of the human conveyor belt, pull out a few snacks and a small drink, and settle in – let the show begin!

No matter how prepared someone is for their dismount, it’s never a seamless transition back onto the normal terrain. There’s an equal mix of shock, embarrassment, and pleasure. It’s like a mini amusement park ride in the middle of long boring stretches of shiny white linoleum. It’s a chance to fly before actually getting on the plane. A preview and preparation of what’s to come. Sometimes there’s a lot of turbulence, and that’s when it’s fun to watch.

How did they come up with the length for these?

20 yards here and 20 yards there … 🤔 that should get things moving.

“Oh, my lord! I’m telling you! If that patch of moving floor back there hadn’t kicked me into gear, hear me out … I would have missed my flight!”

The moving walkways are a sneak peek into the lives of the Jetsons. Maybe, one day, all pavement will move on its own, and we’ll never have to walk again. We’ll look back and be like, remember when we walked? Lol, that was ridiculous. We’ll all just stand on conveyors and pee and eat and sleep – hopefully, different conveyors for all three.

“You are blessed, You are great. You are not alone. You are powerful.” ~ Amit Ray

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