My neighbor’s cat, Awompis, named after his father, Sir Serpis, who loved stuffed olives, is a bit strange I say. The air changes when he passes by. Something’s off about him, for sure, something’s gone awry. Not one bit of that cat, Awompis, is symmetrical, alluring, or pleasing … even his teeth are askew, and all on one side. Awompis, there’s so much detail to describe, and every bit is amiss. I’m not embarrassed to say that when I see him, I hide.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” ~ T.S. Eliot

Thoughts, Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

I had a guest over this week.


Felix the fly.

I can tell he’s been doing pretty well for himself lately – due to his girth and swelled head.

Oh, what fun we’ve had thus far. We (he) went everywhere, first every inch of my window, then on my face about 50 times, and then on my knee. I jokingly flicked Felix off and later found him walking around on the floor. Slowly.

Not sure how long this visit will last, no promises have been made.

“Never have I been able to settle in life. Always seated askew, as if on the arm of a chair; ready to get up, to leave.” ~ Andre Gide


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