I’ll have an … a sauge. One sauge, please.


No, just regular. That should satisfy. Thank you!

“It is wonderful how words generate ideas!” ~ Anne Sullivan (Helen Keller’s teacher)

Thoughts, Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

To the person who told me that Nope wasn’t scary… 😡


Did I make it through the whole movie?


Will I be able to play with balloons and chimps any time soon?


When I’m alone in the dark, am I still seized with chilling flashbacks of Punky Brewster and her friends lost in the woods, in a cave, and the haunting ghost stories Punky dished out that night?


I mean…

Nope. 😐

After half of Nope, I assuaged myself with TAG.
…Ah, you’re it!

“People tend to forget that play is serious. ” ~ David Hockney

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