A shoo!

Bless me, oh heavens. I’ve been deliberately abstaining from yellow raisins because they make me sneeze. But sometimes I tempt fate and a, a… a shoo! Ah. Put me in a sneezing contest, feed me just one yellow raisin, and I’m a shoo-in for winning.

“Never underestimate the power of a shoe.” ~ Giuseppe Zanotti

Thoughts, Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

Don’t sneeze! I’m just going to ram this stick up your nostrils and then wiggle it sufficiently.

She Sat at Her Desk

She sat at her desk allowing it all to come to her; the ideas, inspiration, and direction – not the uninvited interruptions; the people, requests, and disruptions. This is what was, not what was wanted, but what is. It’s time to ignore the present and makebelieve in all that is preferred, desired, pined for – deserved. It’s time, it’s right, it’s now, but how?

She could do anything and knew it. She was playing it safe, causing recklessness in her.
Talent simmered, energy dispersed on trivial pursuits and tasks, a holding down of within – which was beginning to escape more and more, with less and less doubt. Fragmented at first, a spark and a burst. The clouds came back, but the sun was there, peeping in.

A new day begins. She dreams and plans, breathes can-do-ness, then leaves and screams, “How can I do this?” Letting the daily mundane of ignorance and pain come back again. Then it fades, gives way with a laugh, a brief genuine and pure human encounter that releases the lid, and she’s back. Again. Enlivened from a touch – a bump, a fleeting feeling of life from a passerby – an unknown friend.

Life makes more sense to her at times. Not entirely and nay continuously, but more and more by and by. When she is alone and centered and when times stand quiet and alarms are turned off; the purpose of life reveals as simple and pure. Her fuel – refilling, her fire – relit, reignited, becoming anew and not overcooking what’s been in the stew. An inner knowing that it isn’t what she saw when she looked around feeling small. The world inside is so much bigger and brighter than all she could see sitting in her view.

Another day, more to chew.

Taking a sip, resting in her chair, at her desk, back from the ocean where she spent the morning surfing and then lingering for a dip. Eyes closed, waves crashed – feeling she was back on her board in the water, surfing the tide – enjoying the ride. Forgetting where and that she was in her chair, from her mind it slipped, sensing the wave, she jumped and landed on the floor, brought back to her place, practically on her face, laughing at her grace. Wanting to share this moment and so many more. Longing to be with those who care and bring her joy. Girl or boy, both and all, just to play, explore. Just to be – enjoying it all.

Leaving her desk and heading outside to embrace the next smiling face. She began the day again…

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” ~ Winston Churchill

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