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Me or Dorothy Hamill?
Funniest book I’ve read in a while

I started this ‘blog’ as a creative outlet to share what inspires me.  All in the hopes of letting my creativity flow for me, and to uplift and/or encourage anyone who may come across this site.  I hope to bring a laugh, a smile, or a least a titter, to whomever any of this may resonate with along the way.  

I love laughing more than anything and making others laugh even more.  I love learning about life, spirituality (our unlimitedness) and this ever-expanding universe. I’m into anything creative, hands-on, interesting, and/or fun.   I’m happiest in the out-of-doors, in the natural elements,  being on a trail, in the snow, under the water, and most recently, surfing.  I run, walk, bike, hike, surf, practice yoga, meditate (I try, man) – and breathe – every day. I have to move my body for my mind first, then for my body – but most of all for my soul. 

I have a Communications Degree from Northwestern University, which means I like to keep my options wide open.

I’ve taken some Improv and Sketch Comedy Writing classes at Second City in Chicago, so it’s cool if you laugh at me.

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach, therefore you can now refer to me as – ‘Coach’ and I’ll respond by saying – ‘back to the bench!’

I’m a former board member and current member of PWP – Professional Women Photographers. I’ve exhibited a handful of photos at places like Salmagundi on Fifth Ave and at the Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.  I will be exhibiting again, now that things are opening up, this August (2022) at MATTED LIC.

I go deep, but try to tread lightly. Writing to share the best of who I am and who I am becoming.

Based in Brooklyn, New York.  

That’s enough about me.

What about you?

Hey, have you ever misspelled the word Genius?

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