Photo Friday

Friday, June 17th, 2022 "I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it." ~ W.C. Fields In my defense, never mind.I'm just happy I spelled everything correctly. Every Tuesday & Wednesday, I feed the door compliments. But really, it's stupid. The pair second from the right! Please. God, I need... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

Friday, June 3rd, 2022 "To have become a deeper man is the privilege of those who have suffered." ~ Oscar Wilde We've recently relocated ... No, no! Come back! It's not creepy. Disregard the entrance and when I told you to lock all of the locks and all of the bolts behind you ... come... Continue Reading →

Wednesday’s Words

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~ Milton Berle Listen here, see, I'd like to introduce you to the beginning of a short little story called SHAKE. SHAKE She woke up, that’s good. Had a shake, head to toe, not great. She swayed, steadied, and carried herself down the hall,... Continue Reading →

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