Wednesday’s Words

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~ Milton Berle

Listen here, see, I’d like to introduce you to the beginning of a short little story called SHAKE.


She woke up, that’s good. Had a shake, head to toe, not great. She swayed, steadied, and carried herself down the hall, to the room with a single stall. Jammed a finger, dropped the roll, it almost fell, into the toilet bowl, back to bed, she chose to stay there instead. Cuddled her blankets, closed her eyes, fluttering at first, then sweet lullabies.

She woke up to try it again, feeling a bit more zen. No shake, not yet, starting off great with a steady heart rate. Had some water, then some bread, choked a lot, recovered, and bowed her head. Sipped more water, slowly ate more deadly bread, chewed it cautiously, bit by bit, recovering, with a little spit sliding off her lips, she decided to sit.

She spoke up, blurted out, the first word she could say, hoarse and groggy, quiet then loud, in an impromptu way. She screamed and hollered; raspy, weak, gathering strength ~ the beginning of the day, just starting to speak, nothing important to relay, but hey, she’s awake.


She’s up, now what? Read then run, she just wanted some fun, nothing to do, or fix, preferred someplace instead to play, mingle and mix. Move her body, free her mind, and have a good time.

She wrote a poem, read a verse, paused for a moment, ran 4 miles, then flew off to work. Took the subway, waited for it first, then it came, sliding through, never to a stop, hissing and grinding, rolling by, she stood, staring, with a confused look. She waited and cursed, fumbled in her purse, grabbed her phone, paused, didn’t look, doesn’t matter, dropped it in her bag, then pulled out her book.

She opened and read, but mostly just spaced. A moment to mentally wander, wondering where oh where she’d rather be, her mind raced. She pondered, sighed, as she bobbed her head left then right, slowly paced, scrunching her face. During that thought, a siren cried and metal screeched, an oncoming train, good, she dropped the book back in her bag, readied herself for her ride, it came, but on the other side, not for her, rrrrr, she shrieked. Back to waiting, not really anticipating, rushing to where she’d rather not go, OH, she bellowed.

Ok, this is bad, but in her life, many things were not, today, in fact, she’ll laugh a little, she thought, she prayed. Her clothes, a sharp dress, sure to impress, she carried herself with poise, dignity, and grace, hey … sometimes, but that’s not it, she also possessed a devilish wit.

Her eyes shone bright, all shades of blue, sparkling day and night, like ocean waves crashing under the sun at noon or glittering and glowing at night with the light of the moon. Her body was draped, curvy not straight, more muscle than thin, in pinky-white skin, speckled, yes, freckled, head to toe, and atop her head, lay her hair, a cascading chestnut blend, soft and straight, not frayed, nor really grayed.

She loved her men, all 11 or 10, maybe more, perhaps a hundred then, nah, but maybe. She joked and laughed, looked best in black. Wore makeup all week, unless to surf, only there, she didn’t care, her naked face she would bear, to the sky along with the sea. But out on the street, for strangers and those whom she would meet, those of whom she chose to greet, she was dressed and neat, art on the face and painted feet. Her eyelids lined, a smoky dark blue, her cheeks a rosy hue, and on her lips, a basic nude dew, a toffee stained chap, or nothing at all, on her head, rarely a cap.

Letting love follow her around town, but never speaking to a clown, they made her frown. Other than that, she loved them all, everyone, tiny and insanely tall, she loved them so very, very much, a whole heck of a bunch – those of whom she knew, and those of whom she did not, with each glance, smile, or touch, her gigantic heart grew.

Her thoughts were racing like a bull to cloth, the flame burning a moth, yes, her ideas were simmering like broth …

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” ~ Roy T. Bennett

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