Photo Friday

Friday, April 29th, 2022

“Live each day as if your life had just begun.” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

The story of her
I was her agent before anyone would even give her a second glance.
Fame came and then all she ever wanted to do was party and play with her hair.
Until the green rain came, drizzled down, and shrunk her main. It rained for 40 minutes and 40 seconds, nonstop. Without a cover to stand under, she watched as each flower wilted and recoiled. She felt soiled. But every night has its dawn.
The next day, when she awoke, way before the dawn broke, her body began to glow. It looked, and felt, as though someone had turned her lights on; she no longer felt low. And she never feared the darkness again. The end.

“When you go through a negative situation, don’t think about it. Make it positive.” ~ Yoko Ono

Blue skies smilin' at me
Nothin' but blue skies do I see
Bluebirds singin' a song
Nothin' but blue skies from now on
Blue Skies by Willie Nelson on Spotify/YouTube.

Photo Friday

Friday, January 27th, 2023 “Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” ~ Jean Antoine Petit-Senn “Live for each second without hesitation.” ~ Elton John You could never know what it’s like Your blood like winter freezes just like ice And there’s a cold lonely light that shines from you You’ll wind…


Oi! Why is thee window sill o wet? I see you and your ankles, not just your outline behind thee whisper-white curtains. (walking away) I should have pretended I didn’t see ’em. Oi. I should have paid more attention to ’em when he were younger. I blame me-self. “If you don’t have any shadows, you’re…

Photo Friday

Friday, January 20th, 2022 “A friend of mine once sent me a postcard with a picture of the entire planet Earth taken from space. On the back, it said, ‘Wish you were here.’” ~ Steven Wright “Your path is at your feet whether you realize it or not.” ~ Agnes Martin Happiness, no more be…

By far one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read lately. I devoured this. Molly’s life is truly worthy of publication. Each page is interesting, hilarious, heartwarming, inspiring ~ and so much more than I could have expected. (This is a non-paid, non-advertisement recommendation if you’re in the mood for a really fun read.)

“Good humor is the clear blue sky of the soul.” ~ Arthur Frederick Saunders

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