A Comedy Sign from God

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” ~ Emily Dickinson

Mel Brooks and the late Carl Reiner. Two of my Comedy Gods. This photo pops up every time I turn my computer on. I love this picture for so many reasons. But for the obvious as well – it’s just so cute and goes straight to the heart, plus wheat thins. Photo Credit: Robert Trachtenberg

On my way to the first (and only) ACI (American Comedy Institute – a great place, highly recommend it) class, I asked God for a sign. Something, some wisdom to let me know that I’m on the right path, that this is going to work out. That I’m meant to pursue this. To be a performer, a standup comic, a comedy writer or something along these lines, but also these lines exactly. That this is it

The internet connection on my phone stopped working all of the sudden. I couldn’t stream the inspirational talk I had queued up – so I sat in silence on the subway – as soon as I got out at Penn Station – two ladies were standing against the subway wall – One looks me right in the eye, and says “There’s a lot of fuckin people in this city.” Right then, I knew. That’s all I needed to hear. Thank you God!

Then…I never went back. Stage fright. I know I’ll be back out, soon. Right? Where’s that lady??

“I have learned from my mistakes, and I am sure I can repeat them exactly.” ~ Peter Cook

They say God is always watching us. And so is Santa Claus. That’s fine. But that better be it! Starting to feel a little invaded. It’s like window washing day at my apartment building. I know they’re coming. They’re here to help, to remove the muck, to clear things up – and I’m thankful for it. It’s so nice to know it’s under their control and expertise and there’s nothing I have to do. But then they’re HERE, right outside my window. It’s 2pm, I’m in my jammies, two feet away from the windows – and bam. They’re here. They just instantly appear, suspended in the air – swaying – and at times, face to face – next to me. Awkward.

Point being, help is all around. Sometimes it’s insight in unexpected places. Other times it’s a “hey, your zipper’s down” or it could be your living room windows being washed at an inconvenient time. I don’t believe always looking for signs – it’s fun and exciting to add meaning to such things and I’m not saying it’s wrong – but, I do believe that sometimes you just have to go for it. If you really want it. If it’s not going to hurt anyone. And I also firmly believe – there’s a lot of people in New York City.

Soho, NYC
Chalk Artist Unknown

“I have no special talents. I’m just passionately curious.” ~ Einstein

Hey, this past weekend was nice. Beautiful summery weather. Warm.

I have a fat mosquito bite on my leg to prove it. Looks like I have three knee caps. Itches, persistently, like a woolen blanket.

Mosquitos – tiny little flying vampires. You’ll get your turn, punks. The freeze is coming!

I think.

Love, peace and have a great week – if you want – also, my third knee says hello.

“I think that’s it.” ~ Kim Considine

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