Please Hold

Monday, January 18th 2021 “I’m so uncoordinated, I can’t really do that much, so my specialty is standing in one spot or holding on to something, like an exploding rocket or a jetski.” – Johnny Knoxville Hello and… Why are all the automated answering services changing so much or are they? Maybe they just wantContinue reading “Please Hold”

Wednesday’s Words

Wednesday, December 9th 2020 Canceling Scheduling then cancelingAdding now overflowingDesiring then dreadingCancelingToo much too fastSoar high then crashHandle the candleSmall flame little burnWind gusts fire spreadsChatter imbedsKeep it lightBy natural design not by mightFlowing with a feelingOf pleasure and interestEnergy that’s freeingEmbracing the newWithout the need to be the one whoDid it allAll aloneCame andContinue reading “Wednesday’s Words”