Wednesday’s Words

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020


Scheduling then canceling
Adding now overflowing
Desiring then dreading
Too much too fast
Soar high then crash
Handle the candle
Small flame little burn
Wind gusts fire spreads
Chatter imbeds
Keep it light
By natural design not by might
Flowing with a feeling
Of pleasure and interest
Energy that’s freeing
Embracing the new
Without the need to be the one who
Did it all
All alone
Came and gone
Threw a phone
Canceled one by one, then a few
Just had too much to do
All or none
Excite or Stress
Success or Excess
Finding the rhythm
Playing the guitar
One chord
A simple strum
Allowing some fun
Don’t want to pencil in a stroll
Or count the calories of a roll
Want to flex my muscles
Designed by joy
Fit in my jeans
Living my dreams
With ease and flow
Nowhere I need to be
Letting myself naturally grow

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