Who uses the damp button on the dryer?

Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2020

“It is the silence between the notes that makes the music; it is the space between the bars that cages the tiger.” ~ Zen saying

I waited and waited for the sun to seep in just across the privates.

And, why does the crosswalk figure look hunched? Leaning in…

He looks uncertain, it’s like he’s second guessing his decision and he’s about to scurry. It doesn’t make me feel all too confident following his lead.

Am I supposed to be ready to dart?

I want to see a smiling, erect, calm and confident stick figure as my guide. Not something preparing to bob and weave across the intersection.

I’ll wait until I get the go ahead with both signals, the Hand and the Sprinter.

Have you ever seen that crosswalk? When the red hand (stop) is lit and the hunched frogger (go) is also lit? Both stop and go at the same time?

It’s like – “We have no idea! It’s freakin’ New York – just figure it out! Ok?”

Would be funny to see a flashing light underneath the double crosswalk sign that blinks ‘Good Luck!’

Or maybe – ‘Stop/Walk/Just Kidding!’ – ‘Stop/Walk/Just Kidding!’

I always look around at the other pedestrians to get their reactions, maybe confusion or interest, but – nada. Maybe everyone just zones in on one option.

Which makes me feel like I’m making it up. Like no one else sees the two conflicting signals – it’s like I’m always getting a precise glare that makes both light up at the same time.

Ok, I’m not falling for this…again.

(Sideways glance)

High Five!

“Trust the still, small voice that says, “This might work and I’ll try it.” ~ Diane Mariechild

Today’s song Manifest by Andrew Bird on Spotify or YouTube. To listen to after safely making it across the street – as you whistle along.

***Happy Birthday Stephanie Miller (aka Berwyn Betty )and Chevy Chase, tomorrow! Oct. 8th.

Berwyn Betty at Etsy – best bath bombs for all.

6 thoughts on “Who uses the damp button on the dryer?

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  1. My patience, or lack there, I of love the people who cross even though they don’t have the go ahead sign and then look at you like you’re a murderous, crazy person when you have to slam on the brakes to avoid them. …OR the people who you stop to let cross in a cross-walk and they crawl across, turtle-style, as if you have no-where to be……those are my favorite people! They are right up there with the people who wait until the left-turn green light signal is almost expired before they turn, so now everyone behind them has to wait a full light-cycle before they have a chance to proceed. These are the road warrior things I find myself impatient with!


    1. I don’t drive, by choice – but also maybe by divine interference – however, I applaud you for even getting behind that wheel. I guess I feel more comfortable running through traffic than putting myself as one w/in it. Crossing the street in Manhattan is like rolling a dice – come on sidewalk!


  2. I’m like this statue —- deep in thought about who uses the damp setting on the dryer…as I get ready to dart through the crosswalk.

    I don’t think he’s hunched over – I think he’s making a mad dash for the other side of the road.




  3. Hey Kim! Congratulations on your blog. I too, have encountered the ambiguous cross sign and thought to myself: ‘New York City really doesn’t give a shit if I get across this street or not’ haha. Enjoying scrolling through your thoughts and images. Kudos 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Juanami! Thank you and congratulations to you and Jon! Definitely want to celebrate with you guys, soon.
      AND oh my gosh, seriously. Glad you see it, too – it’s a weird moment, I always have a Mr. Bean look on my face when I encounter it. So great to hear from you.😊


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