Wednesday’s Words

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020


Surface fake face
Layered preserved Italian cake
No use
Saying it true so blue
I’m good too
Not my case
I’ve come
Home in head
Clouds break
My part
Heart breaks for all that’s been done
Soul shouts of what can still become
Doesn’t matter
Breathing deeper underway
Forgive the past
Take it back
Listen clearly
Stop the buzz
I want to hear
It’s all ok
I’m good too
It’s been so long
Feeling right turning wrong
Circling on a track
This time not coming back
Heading south
Off the map
Internal compass has no rest
I’m good too
Heed the voice
Signs at feet
Live life
Get off of repeat
Skipping in the mines
Flying through the feathers
Not sure if it’s a mask
All who speak
Those whom I meet
Keep peeling
Go deeper
Not asking anymore
Questions undercover
Swaying with the glances
Teetering at the surface
Not giving my best
Which is yet to be found
Not unlike
A diamond buried under the ground
Searching in the dark
Hiding, lurking like a shark
Anger pulsing from within
Explosion – little erupts
Never flowing far
Holding it in
Wearing a grin
Enamel coming apart
Reaching down
My hands alone
Fending off help with dues
It’s my turn to drop some clues
Sensing more
Diving deeper

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