Trust Me

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” ~ Albert Einstein

Playing catch with the moon.

Trust me…

When a dog is barking viciously at me and the owner is saying, “Oh, he doesn’t bite. Trust me, he just likes you. Trust me.”

I see two opposing opinions on that. The smiling human vs. the irrational animal.

…Yeah, I’m going to need more than that to go on.

It’s like, have you two discussed this recently? I think you may need to revisit this topic.

So scrappy…

Have you seen those feisty little dogs with permanent mean faces? You know, the tiny ones with their teeth sticking out and it looks like their faces are frozen in anger? It’s like when you made a funny face when you were little and a parent told you if you kept it up, it would stay that way.

These miniature dogs look like they’re so upset all of the time. It’s like they’re constantly annoyed, always seething, and dare I say condescending. I could never live with a dog like that. I’m too sensitive.

Could you imagine that sneering face as the first thing you see when you wake up? Or the last thing before you go to bed at night, always staring you down?

“What? What now? What did I do now?”

Hey, your little dog may not bite me – but it’s making me feel really bad about myself. The dog is snarling at me in public, relentlessly, and giving me the look. It’s like I took something from him and now everyone’s gotta know about it.

Just bite me, man – don’t embarrass me.

Yes, I said, you’re a GUNE!
No, not you, the other guy in the chimney!

My appreciation for music was greatly fostered by older brother, Eric. We’d listen to many tapes, records, and CDs together, often he’d give me the lyrics to read, as we’d sit quietly and appreciate each song.

The song for this week is from one of my favorite albums, Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, I feel each song in me bones. (Said with an Irish lilt.)

This song/album reminds me of the fall, with Eric at Shady Side Park, after one of our 3 mile runs in the morning. We’d sit in the car, embracing the cooldown effects, usually laughing at something silly, and feeling so alive. I love you, EE!

Killing the Blues by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on Spotify/YouTube.

Is this where you put the key?

Hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week. Now, back to getting this car started…

“Heard Melodies Are Sweet, but Those Unheard Are Sweeter.” ~ Keats

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  1. Ha! I totally forgot about that, I blocked it.  Maybe that’s what started it for me.  I don’t know what that thing was, but I can see it now – it was small and white, I think…we were what, 5 years old? Good memory, Stef.


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