It Isn’t Written

Monday, August 16th, 2021

I Wasn’t Planning On Going for a Run Today, But those Cops Came Out of Nowhere! ~ Unknown

Planning …

Not sure why I have an aversion to it, I just seem to want to be in the current moment and then see how the rest goes.

“Kim, what are you doing next weekend?”

Me, silently freaking out, “Uh, why?”

“Kim, want to grab dinner in a month?”

Me, “In a month?!” How in the heck can I plan for that?

“Kim, want to grab a coffee right now?”

Me, “Give me a second to think, jeez.”

Which is why it’s weird that whenever I go card shopping for others, I’m instantly drawn to the year, year and a half planners. It’s like I’m caught in a rip current and I can’t … quite … swim away, the harder I try not to look, the closer I get to looking at all of them and then buying at least one.

Because I might start planning for these next 18 months.

“I wasn’t planning to lead, I was standing in the back and then everyone turned around.” ~ Avery Hiebert

“A deliberate plan is not always necessary for the highest art; it emerges.” ~ Paul Johnson

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