Things I’ve Learned…

Sort of…


“I know a lot about cars, man. I can look at any car’s headlights and tell you exactly which way it’s coming.” ~ Mitch Hedberg

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

How To Not Get Asked To Drive

~ Ever ~

(Part 1, Part II)

Part III…

As I Sped, Again

My parent’s best friends have two daughters around my age.  One of them, Stef, is only a year ahead of me and has been like a cousin. Was. Was like a cousin to me.

So, the family friends pulled up our driveway one hot day for an extended weekend stay.  After visiting for a few minutes, I grabbed Stef, and we were off to the mall before it closed.

She was in the passenger’s seat, talking away, while I was peeling around all the neighborhood corners.  I saw the light turn yellow ahead and had to get there fast.   It’s the most prolonged red light in the world and is dreaded by all – in the world.  So I went into turbo boost.  

As I went through the fresh red light and turned left, we both saw the cop car in the other lane heading in the opposite direction.  I looked at Stef, and she was staring at me.

“Well, at least they’re going that way,” I said as I pointed behind me.   As I looked into the rearview mirror, I saw the car again behind me and heading in my direction.

And Stef also pointed it out to me, “Kim, now it’s coming this way.”

I said, “Well, at least his lights aren’t on.”

Stef said, “Now his lights are on.”

I said, “Maybe it’s not for me.”

Then he was on his speaker telling me to pull over.

I did.  He came over and was friendly.  He asked me if I’d ever had a ticket before.  I said no, this was my first time being pulled over.  It was.  All was going well.


He leaned into my window area and said hello to Stef.  He asked her if I was telling the truth.


Stef leaned into my personal space and stated, “I don’t know, officer, I don’t live here.  This is my first time riding with her.” She settled back into her seat, satisfied.


He asked for my license and registration.

Luckily, again, things turned around. He recognized my last name and asked me a few questions about my dad, and since no one was injured and the traffic was thin, he let me go with just a warning.

Stef laughed uncontrollably as the cop walked away.  I was so happy it was over and so positive that Stef could find her way back home.

(Stay tuned for a short series from a book I’m writing called, “Stuff I’ve Learned – Sort of.” We’ll continue with more driving experiences and lessons next week. This could save your life. Could.)

“Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.” ~ Author Unknown


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