Things I’ve Learned…

Sort of…


“Thinking about an old car of mine that got stuck in reverse gear.  That took me back.” ~ Puns&

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

How To Not Get Asked To Drive

~ Ever ~

(Part 1, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V)

Part VI…

Then this happened…

A perfectly, slightly warm day…

Stick-Shit sat waiting for me as I rushed around for my shoes.  I was pushing it, 15 minutes late already – before leaving.

“Come on, appear!”

They appeared. 

I ran to the door and slipped them on as I zipped up my skirt and shimmied into the driver’s seat while tucking in my blouse.  The car started after three fake-outs. I made it down the driveway and gunned it to each stop sign. 




I was approaching the last stop sign before turning right onto a road that leads into a busier intersection.  I came to a – looks like I’m stopping – stop – basically a brief pause because of the shifting of gears – then I turned. 

That’s when the car heading towards me was now directly in front of me.  He was in his lane, and so was I.  My turn was way too wide.  Both of us spun in opposite directions and somehow never collided.

Like in a movie, when I stopped spinning, I was facing the direction I needed to go.  So I kept going.  I made it to the busier intersection, but the light turned red, and I was behind too many cars to keep going.  I started shaking from what had just happened.  Then I looked at the time. I was almost half an hour late.  Then I sensed something outside my driver’s side window. I quickly glanced.  

Who is that?

A giant man stood, hovering, near my door.  He had one eye missing, and his face was rearranged.  I blinked, and he still looked the same.

I looked to see if that light had changed. Nope. I couldn’t get around the car in front of me.  I was shaking from near death seconds ago, and now this.  Why didn’t I call in today?! 

I kept my head straight but looked to the left with both of my eyes – he was still standing there, of course.  I kept my eyes on him as I turned my head slowly in his direction.  He made small circles with his right-nubbed arm – motioning me to roll down the window. 

I had flashes of what could happen as I slowly butt-cracked the window.   A little more crack and a little more so I could hear him.  I still couldn’t, so he came closer.


Then, I felt terrible.  He said something like this:

“I had to follow you.  I don’t mean to scare you, but we almost had a terrible crash back there.  All because you flew through the stop sign.  What are three seconds out of your day?  That’s all it takes to be safe, to be sure all is clear.”

Me – still staring through the crack…

He said, “You see my face?  Look at me.  How old are you?”

“Sixteen and a half.”

“I was a year older than you when this happened to me.  My buddies and I were out celebrating a winning soccer match.  Our driver sped through a red light, and I’ve been like this ever since.  You are very young and pretty (his words), and you have the whole world ahead of you.  Be careful and take the proper precautions when driving so you don’t spend your life the way I have to… are you ok?”

I forgot how to breathe normally and was blinking erratically to hold back tears.

“Yes, thank you so much.  I’m so sorry.”

I cried all the way to work and all through work because it had a tremendous impact on me – and I still had to drive back home later.

I have a lot of other car stories, some fingers flipping, some hands smacking the hood, passengers trying to escape, typical – but this concludes my driving stories… for now. 

What I’ve Learned Through Driving?

Only drive automatic cars.  Move to a city that has “great” public transportation.  Also, nothing is worth speeding for, to, or through for everyone’s safety. Each moment is precious.  So am I.  (My parent’s words, perhaps?)

“If time is not real, then the dividing line between this world and eternity, between suffering and bliss, between good and evil, is also an illusion.” ~ Herman Hesse


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