A loan?

Sure. I’ll grant you this advance. Just one solitary request, you give me your arms.

The strap-ons…

“What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.” ~ Ellen Burstyn

Thoughts, Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

~ Strap-on Muscular Arms (Infomercial)

For women and men: a self-protection device to deter predators.

Muscular Strap-on Arms. Sleeves that anyone can strap on before heading out, specifically late at night, walking alone. These come in all different shapes and shades.

New: Muscular Strap-on Arms – Versatile

These threatening and irresistible-looking arms now come in many styles and for all occasions; use them to enhance your appearance for:

  • Job Interviews – hand over that resume with your biceps and triceps – walk away shoulders high.
  • First Dates – flex all night long – without pulling a muscle.
  • Personal Instructors – enhance your physique and attract new clients even if you’ve been slacking a lot – you’re still #1!

ACT NOW, and we will throw in a muscular cheek and jawbone strap-on for when you don’t have time to chew but want to look like you do.

“You can make things happen. You’re in control of change.” ~ Dyllan McGee, filmmaker


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