“Girl… he rang?”


“Did he rant?”


“I’d like to make a toast! Does anyone have any bread? A toaster?” ~ Kim Considine

Thoughts, Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023


What did they do before sunglasses?

I’m thinking about war – I wonder if wearing sunglasses would that have changed any victories.

They had the shaded side! Doesn’t count. That’s how they kept score on sunny days before sunglasses.

Can you imagine what it would be like if all the battles were painted with men wearing sunglasses?

Going to The Met, all the war scenes would look like someone took a sharpie and drew lines across all their eyes. Maybe not up, really close, but if you stood back at a standard distance.

Perhaps someone back then actually invented sunglasses – but the idea was shot down.

The Commander in Chief said, “I see how these could come in handy.” Then he threw them into a pile of highly similar inventions brought in by others because he knew it wouldn’t look good for them – later.

See, he was an artist as well, on the side. He saw how it would look in future paintings at the art galleries.

So no sunglasses were made until Versace, who had just started surfing, and his mother, a well-known beach bum, came up with the idea. And Mr. Ray-Ban, a Soda Jerk at the time, overheard the concept while serving them water with gas. So he was second in the biz.

Photo by Aaron Considine (my Spud).

“I have a Sharpie. I love Sharpies. You know what they say on them? Not for letter writing. That sucks. Now I have to communicate with my dad using numbers.” ~ Mitch Hedberg

*Wedding photos provided by the Gianoni Family – both from Gianoni Weddings.


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