Photo Friday

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

“People are afraid, very much afraid of those who know themselves. They have a certain power, a certain aura, and a certain magnetism.” ~ Rajneesh

Build it and they will come.
They may not come in, but …
Where’s my month of May lock??
He’s no dummy.
Um, I said, meet me at 6 1/4 Ave.
I can see you. Just walk a quarter of an avenue over.
They just keep coming in herds, multiplying, I tell you! And not one, not ☝️is available … no, this can’t be! Wake up, Kim, WAKE UP!!

“Magnetism, as you recall from physics class, is a powerful force that causes certain items to be attracted to refrigerators.” ~ Dave Barry

Would I be lying if I said you were too sweet
Though I'm quite sure you've got a bite
I could say that you were just a special treat
Though we both know that's not right
You Go Down Smooth by Lake Street Drive on Spotify/YouTube.

Photo Friday

Friday, January 27th, 2023 “Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” ~ Jean Antoine Petit-Senn “Live for each second without hesitation.” ~ Elton John You could never know what it’s like Your blood like winter freezes just like ice And there’s a cold lonely light that shines from you You’ll wind…


Oi! Why is thee window sill o wet? I see you and your ankles, not just your outline behind thee whisper-white curtains. (walking away) I should have pretended I didn’t see ’em. Oi. I should have paid more attention to ’em when he were younger. I blame me-self. “If you don’t have any shadows, you’re…

Photo Friday

Friday, January 20th, 2022 “A friend of mine once sent me a postcard with a picture of the entire planet Earth taken from space. On the back, it said, ‘Wish you were here.’” ~ Steven Wright “Your path is at your feet whether you realize it or not.” ~ Agnes Martin Happiness, no more be…

“Love is the spiritual magnetism that draws men together, for the working of miracles.” ~ Wilferd Peterson

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